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The Art of Bonsai
The Art of Bonsai Project is an online journal and community for the examination and exploration of the bonsai art form. For many people it is nothing less than the bonsai artist's home on the Web. Of all the bonsai blogs operating today, Art of Bonsai, is perhaps the most popular and respected. As with any forum, it's possible to encounter bad or inaccurate information, but this particular forum contains enough studied and accomplished bonsai practitioners that the information it presents is usually correct.








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Internet Bonsai Club

The internet bonsai club is a forum to allow discussion of various aspects of bonsai design and cultivation among its participants. It was one of the first discussion forums on the web. Generally speaking, the information it presents on bonsai is accurate. But even so... Let's be careful out there.













walter pall


The Bonsai Gallery of Walter Pall

Europe's Walter Pall is known worldwide for the quality of his bonsai creations and has received dozens of national and international awards for his beautiful and dramatic bonsai. Today, Walter is one of the world's most popular bonsai artists who has performed on most international stages. His web site provides a wealth of bonsai images for serious students to admire and study.













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Bonsai Boon's Website

Boon Manakitivipart's passion is bonsai education—both learning and teaching. He trained for many years with one of the most famous bonsai masters in Japan. Today, Boon makes his living as a full-time bonsai artist in Northern California. He styles client trees, lectures, gives demonstrations and holds workshops. His goal is to share his bonsai expertise and knowledge with other bonsai enthusiasts through his teachings. His website is a wealth of information for both beginners and advanced students. Becoming one his students (They are known as "boonies.") is an excellent way tolearn the art quickly and correctly.





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Bonsai Focus Website

Bonsai Focus Magazine is the premier publication for bonsai enthusiasts outside of Japan. It is produced in the Netherlands and includes some of the best how-to articles from talented artists throughout the world. It comes out six times a year and a subscription should be a part of any serious bonsai enthusiasts budget. The magazine's website is packed full of excellent photographs and articles that will be of interest to both beginners and advanced bonsai students.








warren hill


The Website of Warren Hill
Warren Hill's School of Bonsai is located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains near the picturesque and historic town of Greeneville, Tennessee. Well known Bonsai Instructor and former Supervisory Curator for the U.S. National Bonsai Collection, Warren Hill has designed the curriculum to provide a flexible, comprehensive learning program for all levels of Bonsai enthusiasts.